۱۳۸۷ اسفند ۲۵, یکشنبه

A limit for creating beautiful creatures 

 I spend an hour of tonight watching a movie about aliens invasion to earth. Ugly irony spaceships that carried ugly human-like creatures were hunting for human beings and were feeding by their blood. 

There is something that I always think about and that is : aliens, if exist, have to be extremely beautiful and amazing. As every creature on the earth from the insects to animals to plants  are at their extreme beauty and are designed the best. I always imagine if we see any creature which live in other worlds, we will be shocked by their beauty, system and design. 

The question is how far can our imagination go? Can we imagine a creature which has beauty but not necessarily in the style that we humans are (i.e: with two eyes and a mouth)? Why there is a limit in imagining beautiful creatures but no limit in imaging a disgusting and horrifying creatures?